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Welcome to the AcmeUniversity.Com Higher Education, Adult Education, Tertiary Education, Lifelong Learning, Post-Graduates Studies, & University Degrees One-Stop Informations & Resources Centre, Website, Blog, Links Directory, Comprehensive Reference Guide, & Portal.

In the 21st century ("c21") that we are living in today, possessing sufficient education and knowledge has never been more important.

Of course, no doubt, having a university / college degree is NOT a pre-requisite for our overall success or accomplishments in life. But let us face it, having at least a basic degree is definitely a great help and make it so much easier for us to succeed at work, in business and life in general. In fact, having the necessary or suitable degree is definitely required for entry into many types of work, career, vocation or profession.

That's why, we strongly believe that, if one has the necessary minimum entry requirement, financial ability and the time, he / she should definitely study for at least up to a bachelor's degree. The time, money, effort and sacrifices will be well worth it.

For those who do not satisfy the necessary minimum entry requirements, they could always start from suitable Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses. Better still, go as far as the Associate Degree qualification (where applicable). So, if someday, they are ready to continue to their bachelor's degree course, at least they have the minimum qualification.

On the other hand, everyone should strive to learn and equipt themselves with as much educations and knowledges as possible. Don't just stop at a bachelor's degree. Continue towards a Master's degree and better still, a Doctorate degree. So, if you have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA), continue to pursue and study for your Master of Business Administration (MBA) and eventually the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Philosopher Doctor (Ph.D) majoring in Business Administration.

"Knowledge Is Power". That's right, having sufficient knowledge, and with proper application of it, we have the "power" to achieve our goals and aspirations in life. The more knowledge we have and the better we are at applying it, the more options and opportunities for us to succeed and accomplish whatever we want. Only the sky is the limit.

By the way, back in 1995, Denis Waitley, already predicted and mentioned in his bestselling book, "Empires of The Mind", that soon, in a knowledge-based world, the empires of the future will be empires built on knowledge, ideas, inspirations and informations. Yes, the "empires of the mind" and not empires built on bricks and mortars. With the internet becoming one of the most important mode of communication, business, pleasure, education and especially research and information, we can definitely see how empires of the mind are built. Not just empires, but gigantic empires that will keep expanding and growing forever and ever. Look at Amazon.Com, Yahoo.Com, Ebay.Com, Google.Com, etc.

All great projects, companies, organisations, products, etc. in this world start from a need and an idea. And having sufficient and relevant education and knowledge, can definitely help us to see (with our powerful mind and not just our physical eyes), identify clearly, or anticipate a (future) need or want in the market, and to come up with the best ideas / products / services / books that are practical and workable (before anybody else could do so).

Yes, education together with experience, sure give us the edge that is so crucial to success and greatness in life: FORESIGHT!!!

Remember: Someone wise once said that opportunities must be seen with the "mind" and not our physical eyes. By the time we see an opportunity with our "eyes", we have already missed it. Are you sufficiently educated and knowledgable enough to "see" opportunities with your mind that others could not?

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you have found the information you are looking for. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you.

best regards,
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